As the world's only radio station featuring All Original Live recorded music, we are just overflowing with exceptional live music, and we want it to sound the very best for you.

Suffice it to say that there will be a whole lot of great new music coming down the pipe over Inside Jazz and right into your home or office.

There is no comparison...

Go ahead. Listen to any other jazz station and then listen to Inside Jazz.

You'll find that in addition to crystal-clear sound, you will always discover an inspired variety of exciting music that you will hear nowhere else but right here on Inside Jazz, because we make it ourselves!

We don't play ANY commercially-released product. All of our music is fresh. That is because the amazing musicians who perform on our shows are doing what they enjoy most - and that is playing their own original compositions and their interpretations of their favorite music in front of a live audience. We visit some of the most famous and exclusive clubs anywhere, and record these nights of magic just for you.

You'll hear everything from Straight-Ahead trios, to Latin-inspired selections, Traditional Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Be-Bop, and blazing Fusion by some of the world's very best musicians. And the music is captured live and brought to you here - only on Inside Jazz.

We're introducing a new feature to Inside Jazz: Live Hosts! Yes, we'll be featuring live hosts 24/7 to describe the musicians, the venues, the promoters, and much more as we transform into a more responsive radio station.

So stay tuned to  new live hosts, new live broadcasts, and all new music coming to you courtesy of Inside Jazz.

Because the Best Jazz is Live!