Dave Marotta

Artist Profile: Dave Marotta Dave Marotta was born into a musical family in Monterey, California. His father ...
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Dave Stone

Artist Profile: Dave Stone Dave travelled with Ray Anthony, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton and Harry James. He ...
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Dean Cortez

Artist Profile: Dean Cortez   Dean's (or 'brother,' as he is known in the band) history with the ...
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Dean Taba

Artist Profile: Dean Taba Now a highly regarded studio and freelance musician, Dean Taba began his musical ...
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Denny Croy

Artist Profile: Denny Croy As a member of the Doola Devils, Denny can often be found performing ...
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Derek Frank

Artist Profile: Derek Frank Derek Frank has been playing bass for over 18 years. He started his ...
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Ernest Tibbs

Artist Profile: Ernest Tibbs Ernest Tibbs was born and raised in Los Angeles, having grown up in ...
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Evan Conway

Artist Profile: Evan Conway Evan is a native of Amsterdam who has been playing the bass for 13 ...
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Freddie Washington

Artist Profile: Freddie Washington On stage Freddie is the consummate professional; offstage he’s friendly, approachable and obviously ...
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Gabe Noel

Artist Profile: Gabe Noel Gabe is a great young bass player in Los Angeles who has just ...
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