Ambrose Akinmusire

Artist Profile: Ambrose Akinmusire Ambrose's conceptual extension into a new musical language is never to the exclusion ...
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Anne King

Artist Profile: Anne King Anne King - Trumpet Maiden Voyage and Buddy Collete Big Bands Currently can be heard ...
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Bob Summers

Artist Profile: Bob Summers Bob Summers is an excellent trumpet player living in Los Angeles. Bob has ...
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Bobby Rodriguez

Artist Profile: Bobby Rodriguez For Bobby Rodriguez, it's all about giving back what you've reaped. "I've been ...
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Bobby Shew

Artist Profile: Bobby Shew Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bobby Shew began playing the guitar at the ...
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Brian Swartz

Artist Profile: Brian Swartz Born December 16, 1967, Brian is a second generation trumpeter. His father, CMSgt ...
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Carl Saunders

Artist Profile: Carl Saunders Jazz listeners living in the Los Angeles area and musicians worldwide have long ...
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Doug Meeuwsen

Artist Profile: Doug Meeuwsen Doug Meeuwsen is part of the trumpet powerhouse playing for Big Time Operator. ...
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Gilbert Castellanos

Artist Profile: Gilbert Castellanos There's no slowing down Gilbert Castellanos. Since arriving in San Diego in the ...
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Joey DeFrancesco

Artist Profile: Joey DeFrancesco The global jazz community has credited Joey DeFrancesco and his recordings from the ...
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