Aristotle Giorgio

Artist Profile: Aristotle Giorgio Aristotle Giorgio is quite the harmonica down in San Diego. Aristotle has played with ...
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Billy Watson

Artist Profile: Billy Watson Take a blues harp, a sense of humor and a wacky delivery that ...
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Jimmy Z

Artist Profile: Jimmy Z There’s a reason legendary blues Diva Etta James called Jimmy Z her “Hootchie ...
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Rick Estrin

Artist Profile: Rick Estrin Sacramento-based blues stalwarts It's been 30 years since world-class guitarist Little Charlie Baty ...
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Teddy Andreadis

Artist Profile: Teddy Andreadis Teddy Andreadis is a highly esteemed and accredited multi-instrumentalist and singer.  His talent ...
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Tollak Ollestad

Artist Profile: Tollak Ollestad As Shapes' secret weapon, he shows remarkable command of both chromatic and blues ...
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