Anthony Wilson

Artist Profile: Anthony Wilson Anthony Wilson’s career in jazz began auspiciously, and as a creative artist he ...
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Avi Bortnick

Artist Profile: Avi Bortnick Avi Bortnick was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, but his parents moved to ...
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Billy Vera

Artist Profile: Billy Vera Billy Vera & the Beaters began in early 1979. Not long after moving ...
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Bill Magee

Artist Profile: Bill Magee Born in Collins, Mississippi in 1943, Bill moved to New York (upstate) at ...
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Brian Green

Artist Profile: Brian Green Brian is an accomplished guitarist living and working in the Los Angeles area ...
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Carl Verheyen

Artist Profile: Carl Verheyen If you like great guitar, then you're sure to enjoy the guitar of ...
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Cheryl Saunders

Cheryl is a fantastic guitarist, and we captured her performance at the Jazz Bakery accompanying ...
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Chris Pinnick

Artist Profile: Chris Pinnick Chris Pinnick, guitarist and songwriter probably best known as the lead guitarist for ...
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Chuck Kavooras

Artist Profile: Chuck Kavooras Chuck is a Los Angeles-based guitar player. He also owns a recording studio ...
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Chuck Waggoner

Artist Profile: Chuck Waggoner Chuck Waggoner is a Los Angeles-based guitar player. We caught up to him ...
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