Dave Kida

Artist Profile: Dave Kida Dave has played drums and percussion with many different performers such as Doug ...
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Dick Weller

Artist Profile: Dick Weller Dick Weller is one of the most electrifying drummers in the California area ...
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Duffy Jackson

Artist Profile: Duffy Jackson Considered one of the outstanding drummers of contemporary jazz, son of the great ...
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Duncan Moore

Artist Profile: Duncan Moore Duncan Moore grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and began his drum studies ...
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Eric Klass

Artist Profile: Eric Klass Eric Klass is a drummer living and working in Los Angeles ...
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Frank Capp

Artist Profile: Frank Capp A graduate of Boston University's School of Music, legendary drummer Frank Capp started ...
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Gary Novak

Artist Profile: Gary Novak Born and raised in Chicago, Gary Novak was practically born with drum sticks ...
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Gary Taylor

Artist Profile: Gary Taylor Gary Taylor is the best drummer I've ever had the pleasure of sharing ...
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Gene Coye

Artist Profile: Gene Coye MUSIC IS his LIFE!!! Gene was born and raised in the city of ...
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Gregg Bissonette

Artist Profile: Gregg Bissonette Family and music go hand in hand for Gregg Bissonette, growing up in ...
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