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Agent 22 Show 5-11-02

Agent 22
at the PB Block Party 5-11-02

Right in the middle of Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach there is a big annual music event called the PB (Pacific Beach) Block Party where they close of about a mile of the street for a big afternoon event.

We happened to be located behind a great stage with some excellent music. One of the great artists appearing on that stage was

Agent 22. If you've never seen/heard anyone play a Chapman Stick, then you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Tom_Griesgraberryan_moranAgent 22 is as fascinating to watch as they are to listen to and enjoy. Tom Griesgraber plays a multi-stringed instrument called a Chapman Stick, and Ryan Moran plays drums and percussion. They produce music that sounds like five or six people playing at once. They are fantastic musicians that uncover a mystery of soft jazz sounds.