Jesse Murphy

Artist Profile: Jesse Murphy Of bass player Jesse Murphy, Scofield says: “Jesse is the most intuitive and ...
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Jim Connolly

Artist Profile: Jim Connolly Jim Connolly studied at The New England Conservatory of Music just long enough ...
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Jimmy Haslip

Artist Profile: Jimmy Haslip Jimmy Haslip grew up in a rich musical environment. As a youth, he ...
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Jimmy Johnson

Artist Profile: Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson is an American bass player born in 1956. He comes from ...
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Joe Sanders

Artist Profile: Joe Sanders Ask 18-year-old Joe Sanders how it feels to be studying jazz bass with ...
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John Belzaguy

Artist Profile: John Belzaguy A recent ex-patriot from New York City, John has been very active since ...
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John Heard

Artist Profile: John Heard A very talented bassist, John Heard has appeared in a countless number of ...
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John Kolivas

Artist Profile: John Kolivas John Kolivas Bassist and group leader, John Kolivas (born in 1961) founded the Honolulu ...
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John Pena

Artist Profile: John Pena John Peña began his musical journey in New York at the age of ...
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Johnny Griparic

Artist Profile: Johnny Griparic Johnny has played with many artists/bands such as Richie Kotzen, Stefan "Big Swede" ...
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