Gerald Veasley

Artist Profile: Gerald Veasley Born in Philadelphia, Gerald Veasley  has a varied and impressive resume' that includes ...
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Gilbert Batangan

Artist Profile: Gilbert Batangan This is a man of many talents.  You might catch him in his ...
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Hamilton Price

Artist Profile: Hamilton Price Originally born in Georgia, Herbert Hamilton Price IV grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas ...
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Ivan Johnson

Artist Profile: Ivan Johnson IVAN JOHNSON, from Los Angeles, completed his BFA degree at California Institute of ...
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James East

Artist Profile: James East James East is an accomplished bass player living and working in San Diego ...
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Jeff D’Angelo

Artist Profile: Jeff D'Angelo Jeff D'Angelo has everything a Bassist could ask for, his soliloquies are well ...
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Jeff Littleton

Artist Profile: Jeff Littleton Jeff Littleton is a very busy bass player living and working in the ...
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Jennifer Leitham

Artist Profile: Jennifer Leitham Jennifer Leitham is a career Jazz musician, and has been a professional musician ...
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Jeremy Ward

Artist Profile: Jeremy Ward Besides being a fantastic bass player, Jeremy Ward is a Navy E-5, but ...
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Jerry Watts

Artist Profile: Jerry Watts Definitive and talented studio recording and live performance artist Jerry Watts has been ...
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